It all started when...

Giuseppe Ventriglia, or Joe as many call him, always had a passion for stonework, having been part of a family business which originated in Italy. After a successful career in high technology, Joe’s part-time masonry work became a full-time business.

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In 2001, Joe Created Terrascaping and Construction to create beautiful outdoor living spaces around Westborough, Boston and Metrowest. It grew to include dedicated teams of expert designers, masons, landscapers, project managers and support staff with a year-round fabrication facility, warehouse, and office space. During this time, using techniques learned from the high technology industry, Joe perfected a proprietary method of fabricating high end pre-constructed masonry fireplaces, firepits, bars, wood burning ovens and seating walls which can be customized to order.  The result is better value, consistency, quality, and quick delivery with minimal disruption and time on-site. 

In 2013, as the pre-constructed masonry business grew, Joe added Stonefire by Design, a retail showroom on Route 9 East in Westborough, with multiple functioning outdoor living spaces using his pre-constructed products as well as various natural and man-made hardscape and accessories. The showroom serves as an inspiration center for both homeowners and landscape designers who can stroll through and experience examples of fully functional, finished Outdoor Living spaces, fine tuning their selections of stone finishes, pavers,and accessories to match their property, taste and budget.

In 2017, with the growth of the StoneFire brand and the focus on the overall Outdoor Living experience, Joe combined Terrascaping and Stonefire into Stonefire Outdoor Living to reflect the mission of the company to bring timeless outdoor living spaces and experiences to life.  

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With over 30 years experience, Stonefire Outdoor Living is dedicated to helping you extend the warmth and welcome of your home to the outdoors. Whether it is baking meals in your wood-burning oven or sitting by the warm comfort of your custom outdoor fireplace, our goal is to give the best quality craftsmanship which has beenhanded down from generation to generation.

Special thanks to Mike T. Kelly for the amazing photography!


Our Process Makes Us Unique

By pre-constructing our commonly used structures such as fireplaces, firepits, walls, and bars, we ensure quality, consistency, and save cost and time.

Pre-constructed Modules

We fabricate and stock both finished and unfinished pre-constructed products at our Westborough fabrication facility. We do the majority of this over the winter months to help level our labor utilization. We stock a variety of natural stones to quickly finish your order with the style of your choice. 

Quick Installation

The modules are delivered to your site and set in place. The balance of the finish is completed on site.


Less work on site means means less disruption of your property and your life. It also helps us to keep our costs down which we pass onto you.