From Concept to Reality

Design of outdoor spaces begins with the homeowner's ideas and vision for their yard. The home’s architecture, style and location may influence what type of masonry will be implemented. We can help with ideas and inspiration by touring the many working living spaces at one of our showroom idea centers or arranging a visit of our work in your area.

Throughout the project, we communicate closely with the homeowner or designer to manage any changes or challenges that may occur during the installation process.

StoneFire Outdoor Living Provides full Outdoor Living Services Including:

  • Inspiration and ideas from our working showrooms or local completions
  • Design services or work with your landscape architect
  • Hardscape selection and installation
  • Masonry selection and installation
  • Landscape design, plantings, hydro-seeding
  • Water Features
  • Lighting, nightscaping, gas torches
  • Maintaining - washing, sealing, polymeric sand

StoneFire Outdoor Living also provides installations inside homes including wood fired ovens, fireplaces, and veneer. Please consider us when you update your kitchen or want a new look in the living room.


Inspiration Gallery

StoneFire Outdoor Living provides a wide range of outdoor design and installation services including masonry, water features, lighting, and landscape. 

Our customers' projects range from new front entrances to enhance curb appeal to full outdoor living designs and installations. We often phase projects over time. A backyard makeover one year, a new walkway the next. We take pride in our craftsmanship and strive to have every customer more satisfied than they could imagine. We have included some of our finished work to help inspire you.


Outdoor kitchens and dining

StoneFire Outdoor Living designs and builds outdoor cooking and eating areas for every budget - from stand-alone grill units to full sized kitchens with multiple cooking surfaces, wood-fired ovens (pizza ovens), outdoor eating areas,  bars and more.


outdoor fireplaces, patios, pool decks

Whether you want to lounge by your pool on a beautiful natural stone deck, sit with friends in front of a blazing fire, or cook marshmallows over a firepit, StoneFire Outdoor Living can design it and build it.  Call for a free consultation.


Steps, Walkways, Patios, Walls

Functional Steps, walkways, patios, and walls are just that - functional.  But beautiful well-built stone walls and steps will also enhance your property's curb appeal.  Elegant patios and walkways invite you to enjoy the outside of your home as much as the inside.


Accents and defining features

Water features, landscaping, Granite lamp posts and mailboxes, archways, game boards, number plates and more...


Landscaping and Lighting

The plants and bulbs may be installed at the end, but planning for them should happen long before. Our specialists can work with you so your outdoors will be lovely day - and night.


Inside the home

StoneFire Outdoor Living installs wood-fired ovens and fireplaces in new construction and in remodeling projects.   For a touch of warmth and uniqueness, we can install stone veneers on fireplaces, walls, and more.